boulevard Poissonnière

A new business
destination tailored
to collaborative working.

The expansive lobby at Oxy.Gem,
accessible from Boulevard Poissonnière and Rue Montmartre, is the perfect space for getting together, whatever you have planned.

Designed to serve as a generous lounge area around landscaped patios,
it can be used for a variety of collaborative working and meeting purposes.

Natural light, views onto inner gardens, comfort,
flexible layouts and ease of use:
Oxy.Gem is bringing some magic back to formal
and informal office spaces, to unleash your full potential.

In the heart of Paris’s CBD,
Oxy.Gem is nestled alongside a number of major institutions
(insurance, banking/finance) and digital-economy players,
including Facebook and Blablacar, who were also drawn in by the local business ecosystem.

  • Asset management
  • Consulting
  • Luxury
  • Banking/Finance
  • Digital Economy