Environmental and energy performance, health and well-being,
quality connectivity and digital services:
Oxy.Gem is committed to achieving the highest level of
certification in all of these fields.

This will be a major draw for users seeking to
embody their ESG policy and sustainably manage
their environmental footprint in the workplace.

With 6 certifications and labels, Oxy.Gem delivers
responsible spaces with strong ethical values,
serving your business’ sustainable development.

Here, your people can appreciate
the full value of your ESG policy.

948 m²

Oxy.Gem is the promise of a pristine environment,
where a new experience awaits every single day.

A serene and restorative
workplace experience

Outdoor relaxation to recharge away.
from the hustle and bustle of Parisian life, outdoor spaces and a rooftop allow for rejuvenation at any time. A welcomed break for those who want to momentarily escape hyper-connectivity.

Take a break
Because well-being in the workplace translates into performance and creativity, Oxy.Gem provides dedicated spaces for relaxation. A special place designed with relaxation and social contact in mind, this is a well-being space where you can get together in an informal setting to regain your energy over the Courtyardse of the day.

Multiple connections to the
city’s transport network.

Oxy.Gem provides real freedom of movement and is easy to reach by public transport,
by bike, or on foot.


Its private car park with electric vehicle charging terminals
means that you can take your car or motorcycle to work when you need to.